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December 19, 2002

So much to do.. no time to sleep...

Let's see.. Fettburg Yule was... not exciting. The page copy said the site opened at 2 and closed at midnight. We showed up at about 3:30 and we were still one of the first groups there (Flieg beat us.. but that's about it). We futzed around until about 5 when stuff actually started happening. Meaning that other people arrived.. and the silent auction was setup. I bid on a bunch of stuff but only ended up paying $33 altogether. I ended up with a vase, 2 fur collars, a necklace, a tunic and a lovely box. The auction was the high point of the feast.

Oh, that and the period salad recipe I ended up making was excellent TO MAKE A SALLET OF ALL KINDS OF HERBES AND FLOWERS (1596). I used balsalmic vinegar and no flowers (it's the middle of winter). I'll definately make it again. Especially for another SCA potluck. I was probably 10th in line for the potluck and I was lucky to be able to get some of the salad. It really went fast.

I wore the blue TW fillet I'd woven and the new veil. It looked nice as long as it stayed on my head. Since the veil was acrylic it was very slippery and kept sliding out from under the fillet. I think it would have worked better if I'd sewn the veil to the fillet or pinned it.. but I didn't have time(or pins). After that event I was so disgusted I vowed I'd make a silk veil (lighter and less slippery).

Last weekend we (Edith and I) went to Thai Silks in Los Altos. I ended up buying 2.25 yards of the nicest silk for $3.80/yd. I also got 5 yards of a slightly heavier china silk for Dianora to make herself a chemise. I was sorely tempted by a lovely heavy silk twill.. but it was $15/yd and without knowing exactly how much I need I hate to spend the money. I'll probably end up getting some for the 14cGFG after I get fitted.. at the very worst I'll see if I can figure out the weave and maybe weave some on my loom (yeah.. like that'll happen in the next 10 years).

Ahh.... 12th night. I finished my chemise. Hem and all. I rolled the hem on my new silk veil. I need to sew the veil to the fillet and I'll be done with my headdress. The rest is all in varying states of un-done. On Tuesday Farleigh and Katie came over and we hoisted Katie's bosoms. We had a lot of fun. I'm out of town the 20th to the 27th but after the 27th Farleigh and Katie said we'll finally hoist my bosoms(must remember to buy more muslin). Once that is done I'll have the pattern to start on my 14cGFG. I have high hopes for it.

I've started on my Sideless Surcoat. It's probably 65% done. I decided I'm going to go ahead and do the top part out of fur so I ordered some Alpaca fur(not period but relatively cheap.. and very very very soft). It's at the post office. I'll pick it up after we get back from Las Vegas.

I'm about 50% done with Ray's Tunic... 50% done with his Hose and 0% done with his braisse. Actually I finished a pair of braisse for him last night.. but the pattern from the web was very very weird and so that pair was a loss. I think I'll go chintzy and just make him a pair of long shorts with a drawstring to tie his hose onto.

I also finished Hal's tunic(put the black on the bottom of the black/blue tunic sleeves). Of all of us I think Hal will look the nicest.

I think I can get everything done by 12th night.. at the very worst I think at least that everyone will have clothes to wear... we'll see.

December 02, 2002

Turkey Day, Yule and 12th night (oh my)

Whirlwind tour of Montana. Visited the whole family. Everyone cooked way too much and we had way too many leftovers... such is the normal Turkey Day.

I finally found a handicraft that can be done on an airplane. Lucet braiding. No scissors. No sharp points. Nothing to upset the airport screeners and it's nice and mindless. Start with string end up with cord.

So I've finished the cord for my "14th Century Gothic Fitted Gown". Now I just need to have a stitch-n-bitch so I can get fitted. I may not get it done for 12th night. That'd suck... but it's kind of expected.

On Tuesday night before we left I started the rolled hem on my veil. I finished it on Saturday night after we got back. Sunday I threaded up my loom to weave the filet for the veil(dark blue even/odd packs of all forward twining tablet weaving). I expect to finish that tonight or tomorrow. I just need to roll the neck and arm holes and hem my chemise. Then just 1 sideless surcoat and 1 14cGFG and I'll be done with everything on my must do list for me for 12th night.

Still need to sew together Ray's tunic.. and corner him with some linen and a stapler to make his hose(more on that later). I think it's going well. I'm on track so far.

This saturday I'm going to Fettburg Yule. Hassim and Jana invited us to attend. At the moment it's me, Dianora, Hal and possibly Ray. He's not sure if he'll go. I'd like to have my sideless surcoat finished.. and maybe even hem my table linens. There's a bread competition.. not sure if I have the energy to make an entry. We'll see.

Must get back to work.. it'd suck to get laid off. I mean really really really suck.